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When most people get online, the first thing they do is a search on one of the major engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. This means that your company should be showing up on that first page of results. Is it? Do you ever spend much time delving past the first page of results yourself? If you're not taking a structured approach to Search Engine Optimization on your company's website, then you're missing out on a large percentage of traffic that could be converted into a sale. googleSearch

Today's market is competitive. Simply putting a website up isn't enough these days. You must increase your page rank. This is the key goal in any successful online marketing strategy. Your page rank is a measure of importance that search engines use to place your site in any given list of results. When a targeted search for specific keywords is requested by a client, having a better page rank than your competitor will always keep you one step ahead in the results. Increasing your page rank will lead to an increase in traffic and that's what we're all looking for in our physical businesses so, why would it be any different on the internet?

An effective Internet Marketing Plan is googleSearchessential to your continuing success as a respectable internet business presence. In today's increasingly competitive search market, the algorithm's used by the search engines to determine your site's page rank are changing daily. Many companies are deciding to hire on professional help in the management of their online marketing campaigns. 

Why? Because the most important value taken into account by the major search engines these days has little to do with the keywords contained within your meta-tags. Oh no... the secret is in backlinks. Backlinks are nothing more than links that connect back to your site from other sites out on the net. To truly maximize the reputation of your site, Google and the other search engines all take look at all the other sites on the internet that link back to your own. Numerous variable are evaluated when one of your links is found on another site in order to gauge the quality of the backlinks. 

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